And how DO we become MORE successful?

If you ask a group of elementary school kids what the definition of ‘success’ is, you will get a microcosm of our society. Try it, ask your child what success means. If you get a chance, ask a group of kids. This exercise got me to thinking; what does it mean to be successful, how can we become more successful and why are many ‘successful’ people unhappy?

Success by its very nature implies that once found; long-term fulfillment, satisfaction and joy are achieved. Yet, many who say they are successful are miserable. Why?

I believe the reason some successful people are unhappy is because they have looked outside of themselves to define success. It’s easy to do. Television ads define success every 5 minutes. With the right clothing, flowing hair, diamonds and even the right beer I will be successful…if not the most ‘interesting person’ with tons of admirers.

We must look inside of us to fine true success that is sustainable and resonates with purpose and passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fancy shoes and bags…but those things are outside of me. So while they might make me smile and stand up a bit taller (especially my new red pumps), they don’t give me real fulfillment, satisfaction or joy.

Money in my bank account makes me confortable and allows me to do things that otherwise, I would not be able to do. But money in and of itself, without a purpose to propel joy, does not define success.

Success is taking what is in us, our God given purpose and passions, and multiplying it. If I was meant to be a mother or father and I act on that purpose, then I am successful. If I was meant to be a teacher, an entrepreneur or doctor and I use my talents to help others then I am successful.

Perhaps life has been challenging. Perhaps you have not given it your all or you have fallen. We have all been there and if we haven’t, our challenges will come…its part of life and the lessons we must learn. Know that there is power in the struggle and the willingness to pull oneself up that defines success. We often learn more from our so-called ‘failures’ then our ‘victories’…that is success. Why? Because it leads to true, from the gut, no one can take away from me fulfillment satisfaction, and joy.

We become more successful by spending time getting to know what our purpose is and looking for ways to ignite that flame. It might be the formation of an international company or a best selling book. It could be taking your struggle to fight off a dependency and helping others. Maybe it is sharing your organizational skills at a local homeless shelter.

Your personal success, that which is defined as coming from inside of you, is different then your neighbors. No two are the same so it makes no sense to compare one’s success with that of another.

To have more success, measure yours against yourself.

To have more success, be more of you. You are successful.


How do you define success?


Lisa Baker-King

Author, Consultant & Business Expert

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Lisa Baker-King is a nationally recognized and televised author, consultant and coach who is creating a movement to break the rules and celebrating what is RIGHT about us. She is passionate about helping families; organizations and small business owners find and pursue their passions with purpose. With over 20 years coaching small business owners, families, educators and children; Lisa is certified coach, specializing in KolbeTM. Kolbe is the science of human actions, reactions and interactions. It’s the instincts that drive individual and group behaviors personally and professionally.


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