Big Sis Isa

Big Sis Isa is 10 years old and although her brother might think she is bossy, she takes her job as a big sister very seriously. After all, she is 10 years old!  She is a girly girl who plans on becoming Miss. America, a doctor, an actress or a veterinarian when she grows up. Sometimes she worries about fitting in, making friends and hoping that the kids at school like her. While Big Sis Isa gets great grades, recently at a school parent-teacher conference, her mom and dad were told that Big Sis Isa could be a bit too social at times.


Little Brother Paul

This adventurous 7 year old wants to be a super hero when he grows up. He has no doubt that he has special powers, especially when he wears a cape and his x-ray glasses. If he could have his way, he would spend every waking hour pretending to fly, leaping tall buildings and saving Big Sis Isa from alien invaders. He sometimes gets in small scuffles at school. His mom says that’s because he tries to prove himself since he is a little shorter and skinnier than his friends. He just knows that when those big kids tease him or Big Sis Isa, it makes him mad. And because he does have super hero powers, it is his duty to stick up for others.

Loony Lonnie

Loony Lonnie’s family comes from a long line of hip dudes. Although most of his family is in the entertainment field and nightclub owners on Jellyfish Junction, the Zebec Navigators intrigued him from a very young age. As soon as he graduated from Zebec High School, he enrolled in the Navigators and became the first Navigator in his family. This made him very proud, even though there were many, some in his own family, who said he would never mend his crazy ways and that he would always be looking for trouble. Well, trouble does have a way of finding Loony Lonnie…even as a Navigator. But he also seems to have a unique gift for getting himself and others out of trouble at just the right time.  His second passion in life is eating, which may be why he has not yet made it to the ranks of Captain.


Rodeo Roger

Rodeo Roger is a Captain for the Zebec Navigators. Recently he had to take on a new Navigator called Loony Lonnie. The two of them went to Zebec High School together but did not run in the same circles. Rodeo Roger believes there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. In his world, there is no ‘gray’. It can be lonely sometimes being the only voice of reason. Even growing up, people would make fun of him when he pointed out the ‘rules’ to his friends. ‘Respect’ is Rodeo Rodger’s middle name and ‘patience’ is his creed…even though Loony Lonnie does his best to test Rodeo Roger’s resolve.


Jellyfish Jazz Band

The ultimate jazz band! The Jellyfish Jazz Band live on Jellyfish Junction where they practice their jive moves. Each one has a unique story from ‘Ella’ who began her career, as a solo artist in the nightclubs owned by Loony Lonnie’s family to ‘Trane’ the saxophone player who founded the Jellyfish Jazz Band. They have been a band for a long time and have had their share of ups and downs as they work towards becoming the most famous band on Jellyfish Junction.


Sharkmonica: The Snarky Hammerhead Shark

This snarky harmonica playing Hammerhead Shark is up to no good. It’s a long story, but back in the day, Sharkmonica used to play for the Jellyfish Jazz Band. Apparently hungry sharks and jellyfish are not a good match. A while back, Sharkmonica tried to take over the Jellyfish Jazz Band. It did not end well and he was banished to live in an igloo outside of Jellyfish Junction. Readers be aware…he will be back. Sharkmoica has a long memory and is biding his time for revenge.


Diane the Delicate Dolphin

This graceful southern bell is the voice of reason in the world of the Zebecs. Always ready to lend a word of advice, a listening ear or help a fellow Zebec when a problem arises. She always knows the way home. Diane the Delicate Dolphin was the oldest of a large family of dolphins. It was her job to make sure her sister and brother dolphins did their homework, brushed their teeth and got on the school bus. She is caring and giving by nature although some days, she dreams of having a day just for herself.

Herme Dude: The Happy Hermit Crab

Need to turn your frown upside down? Simply talk with the Herme Dude the Happy Hermit Crab. With not a care in the world, this Rastafarian knows what’s really important in life. When everyone is running around like Zebecs in a whirlpool, trying to become important, make more money or buy the newest Zebec toy, Herme Dude is happy to sing a simple song and smile.



Miss Annie the Amazing Angelfish

The second book in the Zebecs series features Miss Annie the Amazing Angelfish. Marooned in a secret cave at the edge of the ocean, Miss Annie has lost her ‘Amazing’. Little Brother Paul comes to her rescue only to find that getting her ‘Amazing’ back would require the help of many. Friends unite, finding that when they work together, using their unique gifts, that they all find their ‘Amazing’.


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